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Kids CyberSecurity Course


The internet is an essential place to learn these days, connect with friends, communicate, and have fun.


And while we all enjoy spending time online, we need to make sure that our kids are safe too. Just as there are rules we follow in the real world to keep us safe – like looking both ways before crossing a street - there are also rules that we can follow to stay safe online.


That’s what cyber safety is all about! In this basic online course; Kids Cyber-Security, your kids will learn few of these rules so that they can learn, have fun, and stay safe online.


Age Group:

6-12 years old.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction

   1.1. What is the Login/Password?

   1.2. How to create a strong password?

   1.3. What is the Email? Website?

2. What is “Hacking”?

3. What is a “Link”?

4. What is the Computer “Virus”?

5. What is “Phishing”?

6. Call Back Scam

7. Free Public WiFi

8. Safe Online Shopping

9. Social Media Rules

10. Revisions

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