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We all know that, as parents, we have an obligation to provide our children with an education with values. In most cases, the importance of teaching children to live with responsibility, tolerance or respect is discussed, but the relevance of patriotism is rarely mentioned.

Although his significance seems to be limited to certain dates per year, the reality is that his role in the formation of a child goes beyond helping him recognize certain symbols. Patriotism is linked to the process of self-identification and the feeling of belonging and pride that a person can feel towards their country.

Take advantage of the approaching national holidays to teach your children to feel proud of being Mexican every day of the year. Here are some ways you can instill patriotism in children:

Talk about the history of Mexico


Don’t let September 16 – or any other national holiday – become just the equivalent of a holiday. Children should know that the importance of these dates is in the historical events that had an impact on the current life of our country. Review with your children the history of Mexico so they can understand what is actually celebrated on these dates.

Respect the laws


While laws were created to ensure order in society, respecting them reflects a sense of belonging, typical of patriotism. The simplest thing you can do is teach your children by example. Do not pass the red, pay your taxes on time, fulfill your obligations. If your children grow up in a home where laws are respected, they will too.

Value national products


Not everything that comes from abroad is necessarily better than what is produced in the country. Mexico is recognized worldwide for being a producer of high quality merchandise. Show your children the value of this by purchasing national products. Remember that children are particularly sensitive to congruence. You cannot promote pride in a country in a house where national products are not consumed.

Know the country


Before traveling abroad, discover all the wonders that Mexico has. It will be easier for your children to feel proud of a country they know. Take them to visit the archeological sites, beaches and cities of Mexico.

Give your children the opportunity to grow up feeling proud of being Mexican. Take advantage of the next bridge to take a small family trip and celebrate national history and traditions together.

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